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I organise in-person sound baths/journeys in London every month around the dark and new moon. This is a perfect time to become still, go inwards, and intentionally pause before the next lunar cycle starts. These are open to everyone (although there are some contraindications).


This is an affordable way to experience sound healing if you have never tried it before and to see whether you would like to work with me one on one.

See below for upcoming sound journeys.  Tickets will be available on my Dandelion Events page.

What to expect

A typical sound journey lasts an 1h30m (with about 1 hour of playing). During this time, I will guide you through a meditative journey as you drop out of your mind and drift off to wherever the sound takes you. You will leave feeling nourished and energised.

Preparing for the sound journey

  • Dress in comfortable, loose fitting clothing

  • Mats, cushions and blankets are all provided (no need to bring)

  • Bring an eye mask if you like to block out light - whatever you need to ensure you get comfortable and can fully sink into the experience

  • Please arrive on time and give yourself enough time to gently land into the space. Doors close at start time and you will not be allowed in as it will disrupt the experience for others.

After the sound journey

  • Give yourself a few days to fully process the effects of the treatment

  • Drink plenty of water (this helps to flush out toxins and release emotions) during this time

  • Get plenty of rest and connect with nature if you are able to (helps to ground the energies)

  • Get in touch if you have any questions and feedback

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