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Yoga Practice

Lomi Lomi "Loving Hands" Massage

What is Lomi Lomi massage?


Conscious touch

Loving awareness

Ritual and prayer to the body

Lomi Lomi massage, where to begin? Well, unlike your regular massage, it’s a sort of spiritual affair. If sticking to tradition, your therapist will start the treatment with a local prayer, but you can choose to go straight into the massage if you’d prefer. Once calm and relaxed, she (or he, you never know!) will then knead and roll your entire body, using long, flowing strokes of different intensities. Expect different parts of their body to massage you (fingers, thumbs, palms, arms and elbows) and even the odd shimmy dance - don’t worry, this is all part of the experience! You see, working on the belief that memories are stored in every individual cell of the body, the continuous strokes and traditional methods are designed to encourage the body to let go of any worries that could be causing you stress and strain.

Due to the intimate nature of this massage, I am currently only offering this to women.

Please follow the link for more information about my massage treatments

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