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I currently operate on a sliding scale and charge the same price for all my personal services depending on how much of my time (i.e. energy) is required. As I am in the process of gaining experience, my prices are still affordable. Please feel free to pay what you can afford (within your means) or more if you felt the service was especially valuable for you. 


Low Wage - £40 per hour / Standard - £50 per hour / Abundant - £60 per hour

Treatment duration times are as follows:

Please ensure that you arrive 5-10 minutes before your session to start on time. If your treatment exceeds the agreed duration time, you will not be charged extra.


I would strongly recommend coming for multiple sessions if you are in crisis or there is a persistent issue or imbalance that you are trying to address. You may also benefit from the additional holding and insight that I may be able to provide throughout your process. I am happy to make a small discount if you would like to book a block of treatment sessions in one go.


I am looking to offer my services at events, retreats, festivals and medicine journeys and am seeking collaborators to co-create magical experiences and sound journeys together. Additionally, if you want to book me to deliver a private sound bath in your home for you and your friends or for your company, please contact me to discuss prices.

Please note that I have limited availability, since I am employed full-time (in another job) and also training part-time. I only work on certain days of the week and do not usually work on weekends.