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Due to the intimate nature of this massage, I am currently only offering Lomi Lomi to women or those who are female-identified, gender-fluid or non-binary.

Massage treatments take place in my home. Each session attends to the entire body, and I work together with you to intentionally bring about the desired healing you are looking for.

Lomi Lomi + Sound Healing

I am delighted to be able to offer Lomi Lomi massage in combination with sound healing*, which is a deeply nourishing experience that will support you in restoring balance and harmony to both your physical and energetic body and bring you back into alignment (mind, body and spirit).

*There is also the option to receive a 2 hour Lomi Lomi massage without sound healing.

What to expect

A typical session lasts around 3 hours (although a longer session can be requested). This accounts for a short consultation at the start, approximately 2 hours of slow oiling and Lomi Lomi massage. Once I've finished massaging you, you will then be blessed with a personal sound bath (30 mins) that will incorporate the gong, tuning forks, singing and crystal bowls, chimes, etc, from my collection of instruments. There will then be a short debrief at the end.

You will be invited to receive the massage without any clothes, although I will provide a sarongue that will be used to cover your modesty during the massage. If you are a woman, you will have the choice to keep your breasts covered if you want.


We always open with a prayer and close by giving gratitude for the healing. 

To start, I will take my time to slowly and thoroughly oil the body with coconut or almond oil, after which stage I will massage the body, spending half of the time on the back, before asking you to turn around to work on the front. In order to allow your entire body to receive attention and care, the treatment concludes with a facial and head massage (this is optional though). At the end, I will wash your feet to close the ritual.

Throughout the massage, except for when I am applying oil to the body, I will not break contact with you and stay consciously connected to you through my touch and loving presence. 

If there are specific areas of the body that you would like me to focus on, please let me know before we begin.

During the treatment, you will likely experience a sense of peace/relaxation (it's not uncommon to drift off into sleep or slip into a meditative state where you are aware but deeply indrawn). It's also common to feel tingling and pulsing sensations as energy begins to flow throughout the body. You may see colours or images, have realisations or access memories, or experience an emotional release (permission to cry and vocalise sounds!). Your body might also try to release energy through burping or yawning, and as the practitioner that sometimes comes through me. Each experience is unique and you are completely safe to explore whatever emerges.

Please note that this is not a deep tissue massage - it is intended to be gentle, slow, relaxing and healing. If you like a lot of pressure and to experience a degree of pain during a massage, this may not be appropriate for you (although you might be pleasantly surprised by giving it a try).

Preparing for your treatment

  • No preparation is needed, just show up ready to receive some loving care and attention! The more that you surrender and trust the process, the more you will get out of it.

After your treatment

  • You will be covered in oil after the massage, so you may wish to go home directly afterwards and shower!

  • I would advise against having any plans out afterwards, as you may be more open and sensitive - take it slow and be gentle with yourself!

  • Give yourself a few days to fully process the effects of the treatment.

  • Drink plenty of water (this helps to flush out toxins and release emotions) during this time.

  • Get plenty of rest and connect with nature if you are able to (helps to ground the energies).


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